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An Ocean of Stars ~ The Niffler
Chapter 30
With (e/c) orbs glazed over with a hunters calm, the frosted feline lay perfectly still on one of the high beams beside the strong mass, her gaze never once leaving the small black mammal flitting about the Moby Dick going unnoticed by the pirates shuffling about on the deck beneath. Slowly with a practised stealth (Name) raised from her perch, silently stalking across the air with the mission of finding her prays treasure trove like cave.
“Fuck, are you sure no one’s just being a dick and playing a prank here?” Thatch growled crossing his arms across his built chest, whilst other commanders growled in frustration.
“The bastard took my sword.” Haruta pouted.
“He took my dagger!” Ace cried out whilst Izo scowled at the puffy white clouds above takin
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My Elderflower Cordial! by FairyTailGrace My Elderflower Cordial! :iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 0 0 Key Lime Pie! by FairyTailGrace Key Lime Pie! :iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 2 3 Start of my Elderflower cordial  by FairyTailGrace Start of my Elderflower cordial :iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 1 1 Elderflower jellies  by FairyTailGrace Elderflower jellies :iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 2 2 Mini Rhubarb Pavlova by FairyTailGrace Mini Rhubarb Pavlova :iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 1 2
An Ocean of Stars ~ Riantte Island
Chapter 29
“You’ve got to be kidding me! (Name) cried out as her back hit the sheets of the bed she’d been sitting cross legged mere moments ago. Pressing her open palms over her closed (e/c) orbs a frustrated groan bubbled over her lips, before her fingers moved up to run through her light (h/c) locks. How didn’t I know this? I mean I know when everyone else’s birthday is, how didn’t I know about Izo’s? And it’s SOO soon.” (Name) wined as Jessie sighed and sat beside the distressed female with a fresh cup of tea to offer.
“Come on sweetie its not that bad, you still have time to get him something. Here have some time and you’ll feel all better soon.” Jessie cooed handing the younger female the hot cup in her hands, smiling at the sparkly gleam in the days eyes.
“I love you so much Jessie.” (Name) happily hummed as she sat up and released in the comforting feeling of the hot
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An Ocean of Stars ~ The Ace of Spades
Chapter 28
The warm soothing liquid easiy passed across her rogue lips, elicting a content humm from the young fay woman who was softly smiling.
“Oh I love tea.” (Name) happily hummed as she took another sip. Her statement encouraging a low chuckle to bubble over the shortfin mako shark mermaid. It’d been little over a month since (Name) had left with the warlord. Upon reaching the Red hair pirates, they instantly started addressing their beloved Mom as the new greatest swordswoman, which was denied by the fay woman and frustrated the warlord causing yet another duel between the two on land with no magic from her side, luckily resulting in a hard earned win from the warlord. Though after a week with her boys, the fay girl moved on yet again finding yet another unhelpful poneglyph before finiding her way slowly to her current location and the source of her current mug of tea.
“I can see. You know I’m curious, have you come to a conclusion a
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First batch! by FairyTailGrace First batch! :iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 4 1
An Ocean of Stars ~ Enter the Swordsman
Chapter 27
Moments before her dainty closed fist could collide with the commander’s stubbled chin, it was engulfed by his own larger hand as a confident smirk graced his sleepy visage. With a slight frustrated growl from the fay and several futile (and well rather pitiful) attempts to retrieve said fist from the mans grasp, the pineapple commander swiftly twirled her around in a dance he had quicly started to lead, pulling her back securely into his ches, before wrapping his strong arms around her and dropping his head over her shoulder to take a cheeky peak at the frustrated, struggling female caught in his grasp.
“Give it up (Name), its mine and you know it. You know what they say, the early bird catches the worm, yoi.” Marco taunted. Ending her struggle (Name)’s body became limp as she released a tired yawn, easily being held up in Marco’s grasp, she turned her head so that her (e/c) orbs would meet his ocean blue ones peering over her shoulder.
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Hot cross bun bread  butter by FairyTailGrace Hot cross bun bread butter :iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 1 0 Pecan and salt caramel cheesecake  by FairyTailGrace Pecan and salt caramel cheesecake :iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 3 1 Roast sharing board veg by FairyTailGrace Roast sharing board veg :iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 2 0 Roast chicken board by FairyTailGrace Roast chicken board :iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 5 2 Lamb sharing platter roast  by FairyTailGrace Lamb sharing platter roast :iconfairytailgrace:FairyTailGrace 1 1
An Ocean of Stars ~ Mother Tree
Chapter 26
Since meeting the Vikings just shy of a week ago, the Whitebeards had joined them to sail to the next island and so (Name) had swiftly befriended them too much to Gulbrand and Bjarke’s joy, especially after finding out how the young fay could speak their native language much to the surprise of everyone including (Name) herself.
So here she sat at the head of the Vikings flag ship with the two Vikings with sat beside, happily drinking cups of tea the fay woman had made for them and eating lunch as they continued their journey to the next island. Together the three shared stories about their travels and their gods.
“So you met the Whitebeards at the Tree of Beginnings then? The bear like Viking Bjarke asked as he took a large bite out of his sandwich. Smiling slightly as she continued to chew on her own respective sandwich, (Name) gave a confirming hum of acknowledgement. You ever been to the Tree of Beginnings in your world then?” Bjarke asked
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Surprise Visit {hanamiya x reader}
Hanamiya rolled his eyes when he had heard the startlingly familiar buzz of his phone on his desk, choosing to ignore it in favor of his much more interesting book. He hummed over it as he began to irritably tap his fingers against the wood of his desk, brows quirking as the buzzing didn't cease. After a minute of waiting it stopped and he sighed in relief only for it to be short lived as it gave a short buzz, signaling a message was left, before starting up again as someone attempted to get a hold of him. He reached over and finally answered the call, ignoring the ID that flashed who it was.
"What?" He snapped, leaning back in his chair as he narrowed his eyes at his wall.
He growled when there was no immediate response other than a surprised squeak accompanied by obviously controlled breathing. Makoto sighed irritably before finally pulling away to check the ID, brows furrowing when he recognized it as his.. Partner? Significant other? They were.. something.
"Hey," he finally heard a
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The Adventures of Business Cat - Signatory by tomfonder The Adventures of Business Cat - Signatory :icontomfonder:tomfonder 184 11 Late night snack by snatti89 Late night snack :iconsnatti89:snatti89 572 15 The Shadowsinger and The Fawn II  by ShyyBoyy The Shadowsinger and The Fawn II :iconshyyboyy:ShyyBoyy 17 0 Daily Painting 1676# Sea Turtarium by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1676# Sea Turtarium :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 1,227 27
Purr-suasion (Doflamingo x Reader)
He should never have let her bring that stray back to the palace. [Name] had found the little cat wandering in the flower field, limping and covered in mange, and he had always found it impossible to say no to her. Especially not after she reminded him that he himself had been wont to bring home stray children in the past. He couldn’t deny his Queen. He never could.
And so here he was, babysitting the fur ball as if he, the King of Dressrosa, had nothing better to do. She could have easily asked Baby 5 to take care of it, but for some unfathomable reason [Name] had decided spending time with the small creature would be good for him. He had no doubt she’d noticed the jealous looks and sullen pout every time she diverted her affections from him to the little cat. It just wouldn’t do. She was his and he would allow no one, not even a cat, to be the focus of her attention but him.
With a book splayed open in his hand, he eyed the feline over the r
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Tribute for brom by llewllaw Tribute for brom :iconllewllaw:llewllaw 41 6 Daily Painting 1675# Tortarium by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1675# Tortarium :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,065 187 Shark Week by Artbymoga Shark Week :iconartbymoga:Artbymoga 119 14 OMG by Artbymoga OMG :iconartbymoga:Artbymoga 145 13 Ariel : YouTube! by rossdraws Ariel : YouTube! :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 2,894 54 Untitled by namito111 Untitled :iconnamito111:namito111 122 9 Luua Mhin by varuvi Luua Mhin :iconvaruvi:varuvi 1,237 17 The Witcher by Lanaluu The Witcher :iconlanaluu:Lanaluu 487 48 [Contest Entry] Nauriane by Phobos-Romulus
Mature content
[Contest Entry] Nauriane :iconphobos-romulus:Phobos-Romulus 392 51
Sleep, witcher... by JustAnoR Sleep, witcher... :iconjustanor:JustAnoR 540 52


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Megan Grace Docchar
United Kingdom
I'm an 19 year old chef

I have just completed my three years training at my London catering college, was a qualified chef last year having received my level 2 but finally finished my level 3 where i specialised in patisserie.
I adore making cakes, breads and other pastry items.

Currently working full time at a farm shop cafe that i ADORE x :3

I'm rather shy at times, and have an extreme love for tea and baths.
Oh I also have an amazing twin (twin-a-ling) who's the Robin to my Batman (now turned Nightwing, having gone off to do her own thing :3 )xx



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